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Timothy Raab is best known as the leading Albany, NY Commercial and Portrait Photographer for headshots and business portraits in the NY Capital District - Albany, Troy, and Saratoga Springs. Those who only see that part of the picture, though, are missing out on quite a lot. Your Albany photographer, Timothy H. Raab and Northern Photo offers: professional portraits; commercial photography services for website development; public relations, editorial, and marketing projects for print and the web; people and product photography for corporate communications and advertising; litigation documentation; magazine feature articles; theatrical performances; and expert foreign passports;  Read More...


Raab's new website focused on Canadian passport photos and all foreign passport photos services: www.internationalpassport.photos


Timothy Raab's portraiture goal is to make everyone subtly more attractive!  Ask any previous client if they agree.  For more about Head-Shots/Portraits click this link.  The Portrait Preparation Info link.


Endorsements Page is live now.            Some excerpts:   "...AWESOME job and light years better than past years' photographers."    "It is difficult to dimension the depth, innovation and perfection of an artist like Tim because everything he images is gifted with his lifetime of experience as an artist. Tim's professionalism, artistry and results exceed every expectation..."    "In a world that at times can be challenging to receive exemplary customer service you have shown me there are still organizations that shine."   "I have to tell you people are just in love with the work you did for us.  I couldn’t be happier."    "A true creative to his craft...."  "It is no surprise to see that some of the most successful lawyers in the Capital District depend on Tim exclusively for their professional portraits."....     ........"a trusted partner and friend in sharing our story...."....."Simply put, this was the best photography experience I have ever had"....... "His passion for the work is apparent in the results"....."..Having a high quality professional portrait as a lawyer, and especially as a young lawyer, has really helped me build my network..."..."Raab’s genius and diligence for this labor of love is incalculable..."....."He has an unassuming quality that puts you at ease in a situation that could make one self-conscious." ......."Excellent work and efficiency.." .....                   "His easy-going personality made it a pleasant experience"....."..high level of professionalism and knowledge."..."....enormously talented man who has a knack for capturing the true essence of our meeting as well as the personalities of the conference attendees"...."...participated in this great gathering as a photographer in such a subtle manner that we are taken inside the world of this music without it being disturbed or stilted in anyway....."..."....he’s fun to work with!".... "....a true professional with a clear eye for how to enhance one's features for the perfect shot." •••more


LINK to Tim Raab's YouTube channel with over 800 uploads, and with over 1.1million views.

 LINK to Tim Raab's new Vimeo channel.  Commercial free, pro level, with a better HD player.