Stephanie A. Fishel, CNO Nathan Littauer Hospital-RAAB
Michael Costello, Atty.,President Ft. Orange Club-RAAB
Henry M. Greenberg, Atty., President, NYS Bar Assoc'n-RAAB
Roger Hull, past President, Union College_RAAB
Walter Ucellini, RIP, United Group-RAAB
Shannon Older
Judge Portrait Photographer Albany NY RAAB Hon Wm McNamara
William Hooks, past State Reporter, NYS Court of Appeals
David Soares, Albany Co. District Attorney-RAAB
William Picotte, Snr.VP Picotte Companies, past President Ft. Orange Club-RAAB
Wm. Cromie, MD, past Pres. & CEO CDPDP, past Pres. Ft. Orange Club-RAAB
John Nigro,Pres.Nigro Companies, past Pres. Ft. Orange Club-RAAB
Bruce Hidley: Grand Exalted Ruler, ELKS, 2022
Hon. Paul Tonko, US Congress-RAAB
Nirav R. Shad, MD, Kaiser Permanente, CEO Clinical Operations, past NYS Commissioner of Health-RAAB
Hon. Karen Peters, Chair, NY Permanent Comiss'n on Justice
Charles J Kavanaugh, past Pres Ft. Orange Club_RAAB
Claire Gutekunst, past Pres.NYS Bar Assoc'n-RAAB

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